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Angel Misery: Chapter Twelve

“Beauty and the Aiden?!” Maria and Aiden walked the halls during the lunch period looking at events that have been posted on the school bulletin. “Bleh, most of these are about sports, and not even the fun kind.” Maria said, reading the notes. Aiden stood behind her as she read them. “What is it you […]

Angel Misery: Chapter Eleven

“Halloween Fright”  Aiden, Maria and Silvia are in the Mansion of the ‘Fair Mother’ with the two found women Susan and May. Susan continues her run towards Maria. And May is heading towards the cells under the command of a spirit. “Where are you?” Susan yells out for Maria. Susan continues to run down the […]

Angel Misery: Chapter Ten

“Spooky Scary… Skeletons?” “Halloween is coming up, what should we do for it?” Maria asked Aiden. “Halloween, that’s the holiday that involves candy and attempting to scare each other, isn’t that correct?” Aiden asked Maria. “Yes, but that would be way too boring right? You must know at least of an actual haunted house. Since […]

Angel Misery: Fair Mother

Susan (22, Determined, Caring) is working out in her living room. She is wearing a Blue-Green workout outfit showing her midriff. She has slightly visible abs, and a moderately strong physique. Susan finishes her workout. She is visibly tired afterwards. “Okay, that should be about an hour.” Susan says to herself trying to regain her […]


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