Northern Earth World Survey

Universal Self Modulation Procedure Codes

Name: Controller Reset; “Grounding” Code: <self>, <Visible EM Wavelength (550 Nanometers) Reflective Surface >= 98%> → <Direct Focus == 45 secs> = return Recenter Prerequisites: <self> == <Rest >= 7 hours>, <Excess Energy >= 300kcal> Global Effects: None Local Effects: <Set Local Position to (0,0,0,0) XYZT> Explanation: Visible EM Wavelength is a measure of the […]

Advanced Explorers enter the Wilderness – The Jin – Year 60988

Excerpt from Ramadeus Ordo, Regional Explorer, in the Ancient Ren Neo Library of Neopolis Union: They were not kidding about the size of these beast in the South. The Seflon and Credantan in this area are many magnitudes larger than their Northern Cousins. The Seflons here have a deeper and richer colour to their fur, […]

The Final Frontier remains too Far – People of Xi – Year 40358

Excerpt from Professor Iur’s Journal of the Old Pixisha Records: Never in my existence have I encountered a more repugnant sect of individuals as those that inhabit the region of the Zuidan Nation. Those vile, revolting, savaged beings have no qualms with annihilating any iota of Scientific Advancements. Our pristine vessel of Human achievement was […]

Ussan Massive Survey – Ussan Nation – Year 71078

Excerpt from the Final Page of Surveyor So Kumkimdan’s Journal in the Travel Records of the Ancient Ussan Records: The Shao Empire and the Doda Nation are in a fierce war in the Northwest, thus Lord Sur Randoran sent an envoy of brave explorers to claim the lands that the Doda had abandoned in the […]


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