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Angel Misery: Chapter Fifteen

“Lover’s Journey” It was now that time of year. Of chocolates and romance. The students in the school were well aware of this, nervous feelings filled the halls. Aiden and Silvia were walking through the hall to their 4th Bell class. While walking down the halls Silvia bumped into a girl who wore thick circular […]

Angel Misery: Chapter Fourteen

“New Student in Honours” The next semester of the school year began. The Students were funneling into the halls as if the break never happened. The Students reported to their homerooms to receive their new semester schedules. Maria sat next to Ashley in Mr. Smith’s Precalculus class. “Looks like our schedules are going to get […]

Angel Misery: Chapter Thirteen

“You actually Volunteer?” Maria, Allison and Aiden who was behind Maria but invisible were watching Television. It was the holiday season and the typical seasonal shows were on rerun. Then it went to commercials. “I am going to get some more hot chocolate.” Allison said as she got up and headed towards the kitchen. On […]

Angel Misery: Chapter Twelve

“Beauty and the Aiden?!” Maria and Aiden walked the halls during the lunch period looking at events that have been posted on the school bulletin. “Bleh, most of these are about sports, and not even the fun kind.” Maria said, reading the notes. Aiden stood behind her as she read them. “What is it you […]


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