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Universal Self Modulation Procedure Codes

Name: Controller Reset; “Grounding”

Code: <self>, <Visible EM Wavelength (550 Nanometers) Reflective Surface >= 98%> → <Direct Focus == 45 secs> = return Recenter

Prerequisites: <self> == <Rest >= 7 hours>, <Excess Energy >= 300kcal>

Global Effects: None

Local Effects: <Set Local Position to (0,0,0,0) XYZT>


  • Visible EM Wavelength is a measure of the distance from crest to crest of an Electromagnetic Wave. A Wavelength of 550 Nanometers is the EM wavelength for what is typically called the colour yellow (255,255,0)RGB. This is to explain that the surface for which the individual is performing to code with must have a bond albedo of greater than 98% meaning it reflects 98% of light with the wavelength of 550 Nanometers back at the emitter (or where the light was last reflected).
  • Self represents the individual executing the code. 
  • In this executable the Self must perform the action of Direct Focus with the Reflective Surface for about 45secs for the desired result of Recentering. To know when it’s being performed correctly the Self should be developing an afterimage of their own reflection along the perimeter of the reflected body. It’ll appear as (0,0,255)RGB Colour.
  • Recentering is a critical prerequisite for higher order of code. On its own it’s not the most useful.
  • The Prerequisite requires that the Self has allowed the brain to undergo 3 REM cycles which will typically be achieved in a 7 hour long sleep period. Excess Energy is how the amount of Useful Energy within your body that goes above your body’s latent daily use. In this case it is measured in kcal. 
  • There are no global effects involved with this code meaning that it has no effects outside of the Self.
  • The Local effects is to return the Self from being present elsewhere to their current location. When the Self is not present at the location of the body the error of <Dissociation> may result which would cause ill side effects. 

Side Note:

    For Self that lack the ability to perceive EM Wavelengths of 550 Nanometers. Perform Controller Reset II; “Grounding” 40db. 

Prerequisite for the following codes (not exhaustive):

Memory Send, Rapid Healing, Awareness


    Controller Reset II, Controller Reset III, Waking Awareness

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