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Angel Misery: Chapter Three

“Final Exams already?!”

Maria was stressing out in her room pacing back and forth. She was mumbling to herself.

“Ah, it’s Friday Maria, don’t you usually want to travel to a different state or something?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Oh yea, because the Finals are so easy aren’t they?” Maria said sarcastically to Aiden.

“Yes, they kinda are.” Aiden responded. “You usually wouldn’t stress about school work though, what makes this so different?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Because if I fail on the Finals then I have to repeat 7th Grade again, despite having a C on my report card.” Maria said to Aiden.

“That’s a lot riding on a singular test.” Aiden said to the pacing Maria.

“I mean for you Mr. Top of the Class, I’m sure you aren’t worried about it at all. Even if you fail the finals you get to move forward.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I see, but why? Do you always stress during finals?” Aiden asked.

“No.” Maria responded quickly.

“Then why are you stressing about it now?” Aiden asked again.

“Because if I have to repeat 7th Grade that means you will be in the 8th Grade without me, and that’s not good at all!” Maria said directly, looking at Aiden.

“Hmm I see. And you just said even if I fail I would still have high enough grades to move to the next grade. Well that is the situation.” Aiden said, reminding Maria.

“I know it is, which is why this weekend we are going to find out what is on the finals.” Maria said seemingly just now coming up with the plan.

“Wouldn’t it be easier just for you to study, or better yet I could just hand you my test. We do that all the time.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Won’t work this time. There are at least 4 Different finals versions, and each class is split between male and female. So even if we did take it at the same time we could end up with different versions.” Maria said, complaining.

“Sure, I see. So do you just want me to go into the school and grab the finals from the teachers’ desks?” Aiden asked.

“That’s too boring, that’ll be plan E, just in case all the other ones fail.” Maria said with a smile.

“Hmm doesn’t seem like it’s all that serious anymore.” Aiden was not surprised at the quick change of Maria’s emotion.

“I had a short brain fart for a second, but with you I could do anything, so I’m over it now. Getting to the finals will be easy, now we just have to make it fun.” Maria said to Aiden.

“So you are making it difficult for no reason then?” Aiden said to Maria.

“If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing with fun.” Maria said to Aiden.

“That’s not how the saying goes.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria then pulled out paper from her backpack. And placed it on the desk.

“Come on Aiden, you have to follow along.” Maria said to Aiden. She then started to draw the school.

“First we are going to hide behind the big bushes in front of the school then when the security walk past we are going to try and enter through the window of the Teacher’s Lounge.” Maria mapped out.

“Why don’t I just fly us through the front faster than they could see?” Aiden suggested.

“Because that’s boring. Very not like a spy.” Maria said to Aiden.

“So we are spies now?” Aiden said.

“We were always spies.” Maria responded then continued to write out the plan. “After we get through the window we will go to each of the classroom’s and into the desks of the teachers pulling out their finals sheet.” Maria said as she continued to map out the plan.

“This would never work. Just think about it, why would the teacher’s leave their doors unlocked so that any student could just walk in.” Aiden asked.

“Hmm…” Maria thought to herself. She had the pen against her chin. “Okay, scrap that. We will go through the windows of each classroom.”

“That’s even worse.” Aiden said.

“Can’t you just unlock the doors when we get to it?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Of course, but wouldn’t that take the fun out of it?” Aiden asked.

“Well it wouldn’t be fun if I couldn’t open it. How about you create me a lock pick then I can do it myself.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Sure, that’ll be easy.” Aiden responded.

“After we get into the teachers’ rooms you will make a copy of the test then we can leave out as if no one was ever around.” Maria said with a smirk on her face.

“This is the most straightforward plan I have ever heard, even more so than those cartoons that you watch.” Aiden said to Maria.

“It’s so straightforward it just might work.” Maria said, putting the page into her pocket. She then hopped out of her chair and out of her room. “We have to do it now or else it’ll be lunchtime and mom will notice I am still gone.” Maria said as she went down the stairs.

Allison was waiting at the door.

“So who do you keep talking to?” Allison asked Maria.

“What do you mean?” Maria asked.

“I hear you talking to someone in your room every so often, especially when my ear is pressed up against your door.” Allison responded.

“Oh, remember you said I had an imaginary friend, haha, you were right!” Maria said, as she tried to move past Allison.

“Nope, I don’t believe it, I heard a second voice too.” Allison said to Maria.

“Guess I am getting good at changing my voice haha. Well I am off, be back later.” Maria said finally getting past Allison.

“I know there’s someone in your room with you, and I will tell mom and dad.” Allison called out to Maria.

Maria ran down the street. “Sure, tell them, it’s not like they will see anything.”

Aiden then appeared next to Maria. “What was that about?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Allison stuck her ear against my door and heard us talking. But no need to worry, she has no idea that you are staying in my room.” Maria said to Aiden.

“You don’t want her to find out then?” Aiden asked.

“No way, she wants everything that I get, I can’t let her get my best friend too.” Maria said to Aiden. Maria then spread out her arms. “Okay Aiden carry me to the school!” Maria said, pointing in that direction.

Aiden then grabbed Maria and carried her into the sky.

They both soon arrive at the school.

“You see, the security guard at the front of the school.” Maria pointed out.

“He doesn’t seem like he cares.” Aiden observed.

“That’s what they want you to think when in reality he probably has cameras all around just looking for people trying to enter.” Maria said, trying to spot the cameras.

Aiden looked around. “I don’t think that’s true.” He said.

“Just be patient, junior spy. We will infiltrate the fortress.” Maria said to Aiden. She then picked up a rock and threw it to the left side of the Security Guard.

He looked over in that direction and went to check.

“Perfect! It’s time to go in.” Maria said as she ran towards the school.

The security heard Maria’s loud footsteps and went to turn in her direction. Aiden jumped in front of the path between her and security and made them both invisible.

The security then continued to try and look for what made the noise caused by the rock.

“That was a close one, good thing we used the invisibility cloak given to us by HQ.” Maria said as she continued to walk to the school’s door.

Maria then tried to open the door but it was locked.

“Dang, they think about everything, don’t they?” Maria said, trying to come up with the next plan.

“Do you want me to give you a key?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No. I want you to make me a lockpick.” Maria said.

Aiden then handed Maria a lock picking kit. “Do you know how to use these?” Aiden asked her.

“I can figure it out.” Maria said, trying to figure out what goes where. She then took out one of the metal sticks and shoved it into the lock. “Usually the people just jiggle it a little bit and the doors open up.”

Aiden watched around for anyone coming around.

Maria was starting to get frustrated. Aiden then touched the door and unlocked it.

“There, we are in, partner.” Maria said, sneaking in.

She snuck around each corner like a spy as Aiden just walked straight up.

“Here we are, at Miss Swartz’s room. Let’s get in.” Maria then tried to turn the door but it was locked. “What is with all these doors being locked?” Maria said.

“I guess it’s to make it not easy to do what you are currently doing.” Aiden said to Maria. Maria gestured for another tool.

“What do you want?” Aiden asked.

“Give me a Lasar so I can burn through this lock.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Isn’t the point of a spy not to leave evidence?” Aiden said to her.

“It’s number one, to look cool, then number two not to leave evidence.” Maria said to Aiden. “Plus you can always fix the lock after.” Maria smiled.

Aiden handed Maria a laser and she began to melt the lock.

She burned through it then tried to open the door.

“Hey, why isn’t it opening?” Maria asked.

“It’s because all you did was weld the bolts of the lock together.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Well that’s stupid.” Maria said as she allowed Aiden to just open the door and the two walked in.

“Okay, time to retrieve the intel.” Maria said as she opened Miss Swartz’s desk.

Aiden just watched the area for anyone coming. Maria continued to dig through the desk.

“Where are they, I don’t see the finals?” Maria said. She then had a realization. “You don’t think Miss Swartz took them home so she could make copies!?” Maria asked Aiden.

“You think she would make copies at home rather than in the teacher’s lounge?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Knowing her, she probably did both. Sneaky target.” Maria said, trying to sound like a spy. “Help me look around the room Aiden.” Maria said.

Aiden then went to look around the filing cabinet. He found a file named ‘Finals’.

“Pretty sure I found them.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria then moved away from Miss Swartz’s desk and to the filing cabinet.

“The package has been secured.” Maria said, grabbing the Finals. “Quickly make copies of these and we will head over to Miss Ruth’s room.”

Aiden created copies and handed it to Maria. She folded them up and put them in her pocket. She then looked both ways out of the door and left. Aiden repaired the room and followed after her.

They made their way down the hall to Miss Ruth’s room. Maria went to turn the knob and it was open.

“I should’ve figured. After you gave Miss Ruth that book she’s been on a path to enlightenment and doesn’t really seem to care about security.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Knowing the secrets to the universe is only a third of the battle.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria entered the room and immediately found the finals on Miss Ruth’s desk.

“Okay, well that’s 2 down, 4 more to go.” Maria said as she continued to go through each of her classes.

Pretty soon they acquired all the class documents needed to successfully cheat on the finals.

“Haha, mission success!” Maria said, holding up all of the copies of every possible exam.

Aiden looked at the sheets.

“They don’t seem to have the answers on them, so are you planning to fill it out?” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria then looked through the pages. “Aww man! These are useless! All I am doing is taking the finals early.” Maria said to Aiden.

Maria then looked at Aiden with a devilish smile.

“I know that look.” Aiden said as he looked down at Maria.

“Looks like you are going to have a bit of work to do, Aiden.” Maria said, handing Aiden the documents.

“You don’t plan on even attempting are you?” Aiden asked Maria.

“I’ll attempt when we are both in the 8th grade, for now we need to secure my position. It’s what’s important, Aiden!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Sure, I’ll finish these. It’s not like they’ll be hard or anything.” Aiden said to Maria.

“See, and this is why you are the best best friend anyone could ever wish for.” Maria said to Aiden.

“You only say that when you feel guilty.” Aiden said with a small smile.

“Only a very little bit.” Maria said to Aiden as she spread out her arms. “Okay agent, mission successful, let’s return to HQ.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden lifted her up and brought her back to the house. Maria ran back through the front door.

“I’m back, I’m going to clean myself up!” Maria said, running past her mom and into her room.

Maria then shut her door.

Aiden was standing at the desk. Aiden handed Maria the finished finals.

“These are all correct?” Maria asked Aiden.

“They are guaranteed to be perfect scores.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Awesome. Then I have nothing to worry about.” Maria said, pressing the papers against her chest.

“Are you going to memorize the tests?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Of course not, I am going to fold them really tiny and bring them into the room with me.” Maria responded.

Maria then opened up her door to wash her hands and saw Allison standing in front of her door.

“I know there’s someone in the room.” Allison said, trying to look past Maria.

“Go ahead, look. I have to wash my hands for lunch.” Maria said, moving past Allison.

Allison entered the room and Aiden was standing in it completely invisible.

Allison looked around the room as if she was a robot. She looked around suspiciously.

“You know I can see you right?” Allison said, trying to act as if she spotted Aiden.

“Whoever she is seeing it isn’t me.” Aiden thought to himself.

Maria then got done washing her hands.

“So did you find who you were looking for?” Maria asked Allison.

“Yes I did. I saw him with my own eyes. He is really tall and has long hair.” Allison said to Maria.

“Sure you did.” Maria smirked.

Maria shut her door then Aiden reappeared. “No way she actually saw me, how did she know what I looked like?” Aiden asked.

“She gave the most generic description of a person, like 90% of the males on TV in those cartoons are tall with long hair. She went for a safe description.” Maria said with confidence. “Now if she actually did see you she would have described those weird clothes you wear.” Maria said, pointing at Aiden.

“Weird clothes?” Aiden responded confused.

“I’m going to go and eat.” Maria laughed and went downstairs.

Aiden cleaned up the mess that Maria left in the room.

Over the weekend Maria spent her time drawing pictures with Aiden and going out to visit strange places.

Monday rolled around for the first day of Exams.

“Do you have your answers secured?” Aiden asked Maria as they walked into the First Bell Finals.

“Yep, I have them in my shoe.” Maria said, pointing to her foot.

“Okay, well the male schedule is taking the exams in reverse. So I am taking the 7 Period Exam now.” Aiden said as he then left Maria to undertake the exam herself.

Maria sat down in the room where everyone was nervously awaiting for the exam to be passed out. It was early in the morning and exhaustion was spread wide across the room.

The First Bell teacher handed out the exam.

“You all have an hour to finish the exam. You are not to stand up until the bell rings. Following which you are to go directly to your second bell.” The First room teacher said. “Does everyone have a number two pencil and a scantron?” 

No one said that they didn’t.

“You may begin your exam.” The First Bell Teacher said and they had 2 other teachers with them watching the exam.

“Okay, I got this. Let me just get the answers out of my shoe.” Maria was thinking but she noticed that one of the teachers was looking directly at her. 

“Crap, I can’t take it out now. I will just wait until he stops looking at me…” Maria thought as she pretended to mark her scantron.

A few minutes passed and the teacher stopped looking in her direction.

“Sweet, okay, now I can take out the answers-” Maria was thinking before the other Teacher looked in her direction. “Come on! Stop looking in my direction. How about if I pretend to tie my shoes.”

Maria went down to tie her shoes.

“What are you doing Miss Li?” The First Bell Teacher asked.

“I’m just tying my shoes.” Maria answered nervously.

“Your shoes are already tied.” The first bell Teacher said.

“Well aren’t they, well it just felt like they were loose haha.” Maria said, returning her head over her desk.

The Teachers then went back to make sure no one was cheating.

“You have 30 minutes left.” The teacher said, growns then went across the room.

Maria had yet to mark a single answer on her scantron. 

“I’m starting to stress out. This is not okay.” Maria thought to herself.

In Aiden’s classroom he had completed his test and was now sitting at his desk bored.

“What should we do for Summer? I should probably take Maria to Hawaii or something. I hear Humans like that location.” Aiden thought to himself.

The rest of the boys in the class were feverishly marking their scantrons. The room was starting to smell a little musty from some of the boys who just started stinking and had yet to discover deodorant. 

Aiden read back over the test to pass the time.

Back in the Girl’s Exam Room.

Maria was still having trouble getting the answers out of her shoe.

“You have 5 Minutes left on the exam.” The Teacher said.

“A screw it, I’ll just guess.” Maria thought as she then started marking answers on the test at a feverish pace.

She needed to answer 12 Questions a minute now to even finish the exam. She was working on her scantron til the very last moment of the bell.

It rang and Maria handed in her test. She walked away disappointed.

“Hopefully I got lucky and got a 61% on the exam.” Maria thought to herself.

Maria entered the second bell.

She sat down and adjusted her shoes so she could pull out the cheat sheet for this class.

The second bell teacher walked in with the exams with 2 other Teachers.

“Great…” Maria thought to herself.

This continued to happen to her all throughout the entire day of Finals. At the end of the Final Period Aiden found her.

“Hey Maria, so how’d you do?” Aiden asked her.

She looked at him with the look of defeat.

“Aiden!! I failed every single one of them!” She cried out to Aiden. “You are going to be in the 8th Grade, then I am going to be in the 7th again, and I’ll be alone in my classes and it’ll suck and-”

Aiden then interrupted her.

“Whoa, how do you know you failed? They haven’t even scanned the tests yet.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I couldn’t get the answers out of my shoe so I just guessed on all of them.” Maria said.

“Well that’s not good.” Aiden responded.

“Obviously.” Maria quickly replied. “Aiden, can you help me?” Marina said with tears in her eyes.

Aiden then looked to the side. “Sure, I’ll figure it out.” Aiden said reluctantly.

“You will?!” Maria responded to Aiden with a giant smile.

“Yes I will, but you must give me your word that next year you will study harder.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Sure, I’ll study harder. I’ll be the top student and everything!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Now it’s starting to sound unbelievable.” Aiden said to Maria.

“No, I swear. I will study next year. Afterall we have to go to the same highschool too.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Okay. I’ll go look for your scantrons and change your answers to the correct ones.” Aiden said as he went back into the school building.

“Sure! I’ll see you at home!” Maria called out and the rest of the students looked over at her yelling.

Aiden entered the school and looked for the teachers that he recognized.

“Ah, there’s Miss Swartz. She must be going to scan the scantrons right now.” Aiden thought as he went invisible and came next to Miss Swartz.

Aiden went through the pile she had in her hand.

“Hmm where is hers?” Aiden thought seeing that the pile that Miss Swartz had in her hand was the test of the boys.

Aiden went into the scanning room and found that the girl’s test had already been graded. He looked through the pile and saw that Maria got a 23% on her Finals.

“Wow, you scored below what the random draw would have given you.” Aiden said as he picked up Maria’s test.

He watched Miss Swartz scan the boys’ tests in and watched her read through the scores and type them into her grade book.

So that’s how grades are recorded.

The remaining few dozen tests were being scanned and Miss Swartz stood up to stretch her legs.

Aiden got on the computer and typed 93% on Maria’s test score.

“That should fix that. And as for her actual exam.” Aiden picked up Maria’s exam and changed the answers to match a 93%. “That’s one down, 5 more to go.”

Aiden caught up to the first bell teacher. They were carrying a giant pile of tests. The pile had both the boys and the girls in them.

“Ah, Miss Swartz getting an early start grading the finals?” The first bell teacher said as they sat down in front of the other scanning machine.

“Yes I am, I don’t want to think about these tonight.” Miss Swartz responded.

“Isn’t that the truth. I have enough things to think about. This recession is killing me.” The first bell teacher said.

Aiden took this opportunity to grab Maria’s scantron and change the answers.

“The students today were so nervous, it almost made me burst out laughing.” The first bell teacher said.

“Yea, I am glad I’m not in school anymore. But if I did have to go back I would make sure I studied harder.” Miss Swartz said jokingly.

Aiden placed Maria’s new answers back into the pile.

The First Bell teacher accidentally shifted and dropped a pile of the scantrons on the floor.

“Oops, looks like I dropped a few.” The First Bell teacher said.

They looked and saw Maria’s scantron.

“Oh this girl was exceptionally nervous in my class.” The First room teacher said showing Miss Swartz Maria’s scantron.

“In mine too, I already graded her exam, she didn’t do so well.” Miss Swartz said as she looked at the score on the computer. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

“What is it?” The first room teacher asked.

“I could have sworn she had a failing grade. Almost the lowest in the class, but now she has a 93%” Miss Swartz said looking at Maria’s score.

“Really? Were your eyes playing tricks on you?” The first bell teacher asked.

“Can’t be.” Miss Swartz grabbed Maria’s scantron and rescanned it to see if the computer may have malfunctioned and accidently switched the student’s scores.

The test came back as 93%.

“Hmm guess I was wrong. Seems like Maria actually did score a 93 on my Final.” Miss Swartz said to the First Bell Teacher.

“Let me check how well she did on mine.” The First bell teacher scanned Maria’s test. It came back as 98%.

“Wow, she did extremely well on my test too.” The first bell teacher said.

“I guess it’s that new kid who is wearing off on her.” Miss Swartz said to the First Bell teacher.

“Oh Mr. Angeal, yeah that kid is smart. Definitely could see him going to the top Universities after he graduates from High School.” The first bell teacher said.

Aiden then left to get the rest of Maria’s scantrons.

Aiden found Miss Ruth meditating in her classroom. He went to check on Maria’s test.

Miss Ruth was humming trying to put herself in a trance.

Aiden found Maria’s test and went to change the answers.

“Mr. Heavens…” Miss Ruth said while in her trance.

Aiden quickly looked up wondering if she could actually see him.

“Mr. Heavens, thankyou for showing me the way. I was lost and now I’ve been found. Cosmos takes me as your loyal servant.” Miss Ruth was saying to herself.

“Oh she is just talking to herself.” Aiden thought and finished changing Maria’s answers. “So far Maria would have gotten  23%, 21%, and 18%. That’s not good at all.” Aiden thought as he then left the room.

Aiden found that all of her later exams have yet to even be organized, so they were extremely simple to change.

“So from her 21%, 19%, 23%, 18%, 27% and 22% she now has 98%, 95%, 93%, 95%, 97% and 94%. That should secure her a spot in the 8th Grade.

Aiden then left the school and went back to Maria’s home.

Aiden came back to Maria’s room. She was in the living room playing on a gaming console that she was given for getting such good grades for the past month.

Aiden went around and cleaned up Maria’s room.

“She leaves such a mess for me to clean up.” Aiden thought to himself. “Well at least they aren’t big messes.”

Aiden went downstairs while invisible and watched Maria play a beat ’em up game that was based on 3rd Century China.

Allison came downstairs too and watched Maria play.

“So how’d you do in your Finals?” Allison asked Maria.

“I did fine.” Maria said, trying to focus on the game.

“Are you sure? Because I didn’t see you study once.” Allison said to Maria.

“That’s because I already knew everything in the Finals.” Maria responded.

“Did you cheat?” Allison accused Maria.

“Haha, for the few times I actually didn’t cheat while taking them.” Maria laughed.

“Hmm, it seems like you are telling the truth. Which means I bet you failed.” Allison said to Maria.

“What are you willing to bet?” Maria paused and looked at Allison.

“I bet chores for the month.” Allison said to Maria.

“Okay I will agree to that. It’s whether I failed or not, right?” Maria said with a smirk.

“How about if you got a C or below on any of your finals then you do my chores for a month.” Allison said to Maria.

“A C? Why’d you set it so high?!” Maria asked.

“You’re nervous, so I guess you actually didn’t know what was on the Finals, you should have studied harder instead of goofing around with that friend of yours that you talk to in your room.” Allison said to Maria.

“I agree to your bet, just to show you that I don’t spend my time goofing around with someone you believe exists but actually doesn’t.” Maria responded.

The two sister’s shook hands agreeing to the deal.

“When you wash clothes for the month I like mine to be double washed and folded after drying.” Allison said to Maria.

“And I like my clothes ironed before you fold them.” Maria said in response. Allison left up to her room.

Maria then unpaused the game.

Aiden nudges Maria.

“Oh, you’re back.” Maria whispers to the still invisible Aiden.

She then went up to her room and shut the door.

“So how’d it go?” Maria asked Aiden.

“I changed all of your scores, you have over 90% on all of them now.” Aiden told Maria.

“That’s awesome!” Maria said with excitement.

“You know before all of your scores were below 30% and some even below 20%.” Aiden told Maria.

“Wow, I guess I didn’t have lady luck on my side.” Maria said with an embarrassed look.

“Who’s lady luck?” Aiden asked.

“You know, the being who is in charge of luck.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Hmm, I don’t know a Heavenly Being that fits that description. Though there are some that think they do. If they are actually influencing the lives of Humans without permission then they ought to be reprimanded.” Aiden said.

“So there is no Lady Luck?” Maria asked.

“Not to my knowledge. But there are thousands of Heavenly Beings, so maybe I just miss a few.” Aiden responded.

“What is the Heavenly Realm like? Where is it?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It is located directly next to you, it’s just on a different Angle of the Cosmic Circle.” Aiden said.

“So am I touching it right now?” Maria asked as she extended her hands.

“No you aren’t touching it, you can’t interact with it because it’s not made of things you can interact with.” Aiden said.

“Okay, so the way you get there is you change yourself to interact with it right?” Maria asked.

“That is right. See you can learn stuff, why don’t you try to learn school work like that?” Aiden asked.

“Because school work is boring, what you are talking about is fun.” Maria said. “So tell me what it’s like!” Maria excitedly asked.

“The place is bright with an ever expanding sky. It is split into many different districts which are owned by designated gods. Those districts are designed and watched over by the members within them. Time doesn’t pass the same way it does here on Earth, time in the heavenly realm is like a river that can be guided in all kinds of directions. Depending on how you travel you’ll see old gods as they were when they just arrived, or new gods appear from the future.” Aiden said to Maria.

“So are you one of those new gods?” Maria asked.

“No, I am not a god. I am an aspect of the Almighty, meaning that all the gods are technically of lower order than me. Hmm basically speaking, think of the other gods like planets, and I am like a Super Cluster.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Yeah, you lost me there.” Maria said not fully understanding how much bigger one was compared to the other. “What do you do for fun there?” 

“Hmm, me personally I talk to my friends up there. Sometimes I create worlds with the other aspects of the Almighty. But mostly I just delivered messages, that was fun too.” Aiden answered Maria.

“You had friends?! What were they like?” Maria was surprised at this revelation.

“Yes I had friends. And they were fun to talk to and get advice from. Explore and do a bunch of stuff with, similar to what we do together except they act much older and wiser.” Aiden joked with Maria.

“Ha, just you wait till I’m older and wiser, then all your other friends couldn’t stand against your best friend.” Maria said to Aiden. “Remember, eventually you have to take me to the Heavenly Realm.”

Maria then walked out of her room. “I’m going to get some ice cream!” Maria called out to let her mom know.

Aiden followed behind her as she went off.

The day came and went and it was the morning of the results.

In the First Bell Aiden and Maria along with the rest of their classmates received their test results back.

“Haha Aiden, look! I got a 98!” Maria said, showing Aiden.

“Why would I be surprised about that?” Aiden said, looking at Maria.

Maria grabbed Aiden’s test. “You got a perfect score, that’s not fair. How come you didn’t give me a perfect score?” Maria asked.

“Because if you got a perfect then that would raise suspicion on you which might have caused you to have to take the Exam again.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria pointed at Aiden. “I have taught you well young grasshopper, you have now mastered the art of cheating.” Maria poked fun at Aiden.

In the second bell Maria received her grades. 

“Look Aiden, I got a 95!” Maria showed him.

“Again, I know you did.” Aiden said, looking at Maria.

“The class average was 71%, not too bad, but not too good either.” The second bell teacher said going over the test.

In Miss Swartz class.

Maria received her test.

“93%? You really schemed me out of a near perfect score didn’t you Aiden.” Maria looked at Aiden suspiciously as he had a Perfect Score.

“Miss Swartz already remembered your grade ended with a 3, so I couldn’t just give you 97%. Plus you had the lowest grade in the class so she easily remembered you.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Ah, I guess. 93% isn’t so bad.” Maria chuckled.

“Good work Miss Li, you have really improved in these last few weeks. Proud of your progress.” Miss  Swartz said, passing Maria.

“Thank you Miss Swartz.” Maria responded.

In the next bell in Miss Ruth’s class.

“I no longer believe in failing students.” Miss Ruth said, handing out the grades. “No one has below a D in the class.” Miss Ruth said, finishing handing out the grades.

“I got 95%, she said no one got below a D, so that means i did pretty well even without your help.” Maria said to Aiden.

“No, without my help you got 18% correct. But I think Miss Ruth would have rounded it up to 60%.” Aiden said to Maria.

“It would have been really embarrassing if I got the only failing grade.” Maria laughed.

The overall grading average on the finals was posted on the bulletin board in the main hallway.

Maria went to look at it right before Lunch. Maria looked for her number to see where she was placed.

“I don’t see my name anywhere.” Maria said, looking for where her number usually is.

Aiden looked at where the names of the top 5 Students were located.

“Maria, look up there.” Aiden pointed at the standings.

“#1 Angeal Heavens, #2 Silvia Reiners, #3 Rebecca Wu, #4 Joshua Smith, #5 Maria Li” The board listed the 5 by name.

“What! I made it to the top 5 in the Class!” Maria said out loud.

“Looks like you did. Does that mean anything?” Aiden asked Maria.

“That means I have to stand in front of the Class during the End of the Year Pep Rally.” Maria said feeling nervous.

“Is that a bad thing?” Aiden asked.

“Well all year I’ve been spending so much time alone, now everyone will be looking at me and staring at me, probably hoping that I mess up. What if I mess up something?” Maria said.

Aiden placed his hand on Maria’s shoulder.

“You see where my name is located. I am in the top 5 too, that means I will be there with you.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria looked up at Aiden. “Yeah, you will.” Maria then let out a deep breath. “Okay I feel better let’s get lunch.”

Aiden and Maria left to pick up Lunch in a nearby city. Maria now had one thing on her mind. What would her speech be about?

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