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Angel Misery: Fair Mother

Susan (22, Determined, Caring) is working out in her living room. She is wearing a Blue-Green workout outfit showing her midriff. She has slightly visible abs, and a moderately strong physique.

Susan finishes her workout. She is visibly tired afterwards.

“Okay, that should be about an hour.” Susan says to herself trying to regain her breath.

There were three knocks on her front door.

Susan turns her focus to it as she is visibly confused by the sound.

“Oh someone is at the door… who could that be?” Susan thought to herself.

Susan waited to see if they would knock again.

This time there were two knocks.

Susan was suspicious at this point, if it was someone who knew her they’d likely knock harder the second time.

There was then one final knock. Susan walks up to check the door.

“Let me just take a look, it could be my mother…” Susan thought to herself.

Susan looks through the peephole. But there is no one there. She then tries to get a closer look through it.

All the while a shadow slowly approaches Susan from behind.

And mouth is then covered and she is pulled back by a hairy man wearing a mask.

Susan is startled. “I’m I being taken?!” She thought in a panic.

“Your hair smells good, lady.” The Hairy man said, carrying her off.

This made Susan go into a fight or flight mode. Her blood boiled and she went into an adrenaline rush.

She bit down on the man’s arm. The bite caused the man in the ski mask to loosen his grip on Susan’s mouth.

He wrapped his arms around her neck and began to choke her. They wrestled with each other on the floor. Despite her size Susan was rather strong and well trained.

The door opens up and the person on the other side walks in.

“Am I interrupting something?” The new person asked.

The new person propped himself on the wall as he watched what was happening. Susan managed to roll over onto her chest and gained control of the tussle. But the weight of the hairy man on her back was becoming too much to bear.

“Help… me.” Susan struggled to say, with the hairy man’s arm still around her neck.

She begins to struggle more to get air into her lungs.

“I’m… being… kidnapped…” Susan tried to communicate to this newcomer with barely any breath to spend on not breathing.

He pulls a syringe from his coat pocket. It was filled with a yellow liquid.

“I need… your… help… now.” Susan called out, reaching her arms out.

“I was joking little girl, I’m here to help him, not you.” The new man said as he approached Susan.

“Be careful Brother James, Mother would hate for you to damage her new daughter.” The new man said to the one who was choking Susan.

The new man places the needle into Susan’s arm. Brother James continues to fight against Susan trying to keep her still.

“Don’t worry.” The new guy was saying as Maria started to pass out.

“Still will make the pain.” He continued to speak and Susan was unable to move.

“…Go away…” He finished saying and Susan passed out on the floor.

The two men stood over her body as she was passed out. They were discussing what to do next.

Susan is lifted up by Brother James and carried through the window of her apartment.

“She smells good, Brother John.” Brother James says as he carries her.

“If you stop sniffing her, I will see if Mother will let you keep her.” Brother John said to brother James.

Brother James smiled as he turned to focus.

Susan was placed into the vehicle and they began to drive.

They get to their destination which is far out into the country. It was a large mansion that looked to be deteriorating.

Inside there were many rooms.

Brother James and Brother John carried Susan into one of these rooms which had a stain of blood on the walls.

“Lay her on the floor.” Brother John says as Brother James places Susan’s lifeless body on the ground.

They both then leave the room.

“Bye, bye lady.” Brother James says as they close the door.

The room is completely dark.

Susan lays on the ground. The door of the room slowly creaks back open. The light coming from the hallway hits Susan’s eyes, waking her up.

Susan wakes up and immediately grabs her own neck. She can see her breath in the frigid room.

“Was I dreaming?” Susan thinks to herself.

Susan looks around at the wooden empty room. She saw the blood that had long since dried.

“Hmmm, this is definitely not my place.” She thought to herself as she stood up.

Susan sees the light coming from outside of the door. She peeks slowly out into the hallway to make sure that no one was coming.

“It looks empty in the hall. I wonder where the exit could be.” Susan continues to think to herself as she notices a screen window on the other side of the hallway.

“Maybe that leads outside.” Susan thought as she started moving in that direction.

The closer she got the more she noticed the details of the window. The screen was a bug screen and it looked like it had been tampered with before. It was covered in dust and red particles.

She walks up to the window staying against the wall and looks through it.

Through the screen she saw a room, and it looked empty.

She continues her walk down the hall and sees the door that the window was connected to. She sees metallic materials on a tray inside of the room.

She walks inside.

On the tray are bloody strings, bloody needles, hooks and a knife.

“Oh! A knife, that’s perfect!”  Susan said to herself as she grabbed the enormous hunters’ knife.

“Hey you! Quickly Kill Me!!” A man in a gimp suit tied to a chair cried out at Susan. His mouth was covered by the latex attire and his voice was extremely muffled.

Susan quickly turned around in a panic.

“Wait! What! No way!” Susan says in a fright. 

“Please! He sewed me into this suit! I’ve been beaten and burned. I’m in constant pain! Every hour he does it to me! I beg of you please just run that blade across my neck! I want it to end!” The man tied to the chair cried out to Susan with his blood shot eyes. Tears rolled down and his voice was hoarse.

Susan grabbed the rope he was tied to the chair with and began to cut it.

“I won’t kill you, I just can’t. But I can free you and we both can escape together. Just hold still. I can get you out quickly.” Susan said as she was cutting her way through the rope.

The rope rubbed against the man’s wounds but he tried with all of his might to hold still.

The door to the room they were in began to crack open. Susan was so focused on getting him out of the seat she did not notice. The light from the outside ran across the face of the man that was tied up. He knew what would happen.

“Hurry Miss! Hide! Quickly!” The man in the suit panicked trying to get Susan to move. Susan saw the light on his face and she ran. Susan ran into the locker and covered her mouth with her hand. She held the knife tight against herself.

A tall stoic man with a beard walked into the room. He stepped up to the man in the chair.

He looks down at the man in the chair and notices cut marks on the ropes.

“You seem to have gotten busy.” The towering man said to the man in the chair.

The man walks around the room and looks down at his tray. He noticed that the knife was gone and that his other tools had been moved.

“Tell me, son. Who helped you cut that rope?” He asked the man in the chair with a threatening tone.

“I don’t know Brother Michael.” The man in the chair said.

Brother Michael grabbed the man’s finger and bent it backwards, cracking each bone inside.

The man in the chair was in great pain but he held back his screams.

“Here’s a deal. If you give up that girl’s location, I’ll free you. You get to go home and live your life peacefully.” Brother Michael says to the man in the chair.

Brother Michael steps closer to the man’s face. 

“Give her up and you are free.” Brother Michael says again.

The man in the chair begins to cry to himself. He breathes heavily contemplating on what his decision should be. Should he free himself by giving up a girl he just met, or hold his tongue and allow her to have a chance to escape.

He paused. Then looks Brother Michael in the eyes.

“Do what you want, I don’t know where she is.” The man in the chair said to Brother Michael.

Brother Michael moves away from the man in the chair and goes over to his tray of tools. He is choosing which one he wants to use.

“I used to be like you. Believing that by doing the right thing that I would be rewarded somehow in the future. However, Son, that’s not how the world works. Life isn’t fair and there are no rule books to live it.” Brother Michael said as he grabbed a torch.

Brother Michael pauses.

“I know that the girl is hiding in the locker behind me. And I hope she enjoys watching her protector suffer. And after I’m done with you, she’ll be next.” Brother Michael says.

Susan is in the locker and she is overwhelmed with fear.

Brother Michael walks closer to the man in the chair. The light that was coming from the hallway slowly was covered by his massive body.

“Don’t worry, our fun won’t be over quickly.” Brother Michael says with the same stoic look.

Brother Michael adjusted his pants in preparation from an intense torture session with the man in the chair. Susan is hiding within the locker to the side. 

“To live is to create, and those who do not create are not reflecting the will of the creator.” Brother Michael says loudly.

“And those who sacrifice themselves are especially heinous. Your body is not yours to sacrifice, you didn’t create it, nor do you control it.” Brother Michael says, stepping closer to the man in the chair showing the torch to him.

“As the Creator, and our dear Mother punishes those who commit sin with eternal fire…” Brother Michael continues as he lights up the flame of the torch. He brought it close to the face of the man in the chair. The flame was bright in the dark room.

“So shall I. To educate you of your faulty beliefs.” Brother Michael says as he grabs the man in the chair’s  head, positioning his head straight up. Brother Michael brought the torch closer to the man’s head.

“It is not my place to kill. So you don’t need to fear death. This pain will be temporary… but your forgiveness will be Everlasting.” Brother Michael says as he begins to burn the man in the chair.

“Ahh! Stop! Please Stop!” The man in the chair yells out. The smell of burning flesh begins to fill the room. The smell of burning latex.

The gimp suit melts into his blood.

“I can’t breathe! Stop!” The man in the chair yells out.

Brother Michael does not care about the man’s cries. His agony is a punishment.

“Please… stop…” The man in the chair’s voice begins to soften until he passes out.

Brother Michael turns off the torch.

“And we are complete. These wounds are for the short term, but the forgiveness you received is not.” Brother Michael says with the same stoic tone.

Brother Michael looks directly at the locker. He changed his focus towards Susan. Susan sees that Brother Michael was now focused on her. She held the knife close to her chest. She covered her mouth so that he could not hear her breath in the silence.

“He’s going to check in here soon…” Susan thought to herself.

Brother Michael walks towards the locker. Susan hears his footsteps approaching slowly.

“Stay calm…. Breath…Get the blood flowing. I can do this… I can escape.” Susan thinks to herself repeatedly.

“Susan pressed up against the locker door; closing her eyes trying to calm herself.

“Cut and Run…” Susan thought to herself.

Susan’s muscles tensed up as she continued to chant Cut and Run.

Susan jumped out of the locker with her Knife ready to cut. Susan lounged at Brother Michael.

The speed at which Susan swiped at Brother Michael was much faster than he moved.

She cut through Brother Michael’s Artery. Brother Michael grabbed tightly against the wound. 

Brother Michael begins to struggle. He held his hand against his own neck to keep from bleeding out. “This shall not be the end of me… for the Spirit of the Creator grants me eternal life.” Brother Michael says as Susan runs out of sight.

Susan runs out of the room quickly, still filled with adrenaline.

“Life isn’t fair… Only Mother and the Creator are…” Brother Michael says holding himself up against the wall.

Susan has been running for a few seconds at top speed.

“I need to rest… there’s so many rooms.” Susan said to herself trying to catch her breath.

Susan ran into a room and immediately shut the door. She pressed her body against the door and sat down with the knife still in her hand ready to cut someone else. 

She breathed heavily.

“I’ll just rest here for a bit… as long as I’m hidden.” Susan thought to herself trying to calm down.

“I can’t believe I stabbed him… that’s not like me at all. What would I do to him the next time I see him…” Susan said to herself as she began to feel terrible.

“Hey Sis! Welcome to our room. What are you doing here?” A small boy said to Susan.

There were two boys Brother Dylan (12, Playful Headstrong) and Brother Daniel (12, Playful Cautious) who stood in front of Susan as she was pressed against the door.

“Kids are here too?” Susan thought to herself. She then spoke with the boys. “Ah, I’m here because I am hiding. Is this room safe?” Susan asks.

“Why are you hiding? Are you scared?” Brother Daniel asked Susan.

“It is likely one of those adult games. But yea it’s safe here.” Brother Dylan responded.

“Are you sure… I did something pretty bad and it’s very important that I’m not found.” Susan asked the two boys.

Brother Dylan and Brother Daniel faced each other and started to discuss.

“I’m not sure she should be using our room to hide. She might be really bad.” Brother Daniel said to his brother.

“No worries, she looks like a nice person. Let her hide behind your bed.” Brother Dylan responded.

They both looked at Susan.

“Yeah, sure you can hide behind the lighter-colored bed. It’s Dylan’s.” Brother Daniel said to Susan.

“Please don’t mess it up. Brother Michael would lecture us forever if you do.” Brother Dylan cautioned Susan.

“Don’t worry kids. I’ll be out as soon as I get some rest. I don’t want to be here. We all can leave.” Susan responded to them as she went over to hide along the side of the bed out of sight. She laid on her stomach keeping watch on the door.

There were three knocks on the door.

“I’ll hide now, whenever he leaves, we will head out.” Susan said to the boys.

There were then two knocks.

Brother John enters the room with a smile on his face as he looks down at the two boys.

“Hey Little Bros. I have a little question for you both. You wouldn’t happen to see a girl run in here recently?” Brother John said to the boys.

There was a slight pause.

“She’s slightly taller than you two. Brown hair… slightly tanned skin… wearing blue and green… sound familiar?” Brother John described Susan to them.

“She must be really good at hiding; if even you aren’t able to find her.” Brother Dylan responded to Brother John.

Brother John pans his sights around the boys’ room. 

“How about behind those beds? That’s plenty of room to disappear.” Brother John asked the boys.

“No way, No one could sneak past us. We are stronger than the bond between Quarks.” Brother Dylan responded posing as a muscle man.

“And we have the speed rivaled only by light. With the perception of the Eye of Providence.” Brother Daniel responded by posing as a track runner.

“Ha, okay, well then I guess there is no reason for me to bother you both any longer.” Brother John said to the boys.

Brother John leaves the room and he shuts the door behind himself.

Susan comes out from behind the bed. 

“Ah… they are all looking for me. How am I going to be able to leave?” Susan says to herself.

They all hear slow stepping coming towards the door.

The steps outside stop right in front.

Brother Michael opens the door quickly.

“Brother Dylan, Brother Daniel. The girl is in your room. Where is she hiding?” Brother Michael asked the two boys.

The two boys look at one another. They were visibly scared.

“Ahh… she is hiding in this room? Daniel… I don’t think we should play stupid…” Brother Dylan said nervously.

“Yea… I don’t think a game of hide and seek is worth the punishment for lying…” Brother Daniel is also feeling nervous.

They both look at Brother Michael who had bent down to talk on the boys’ level.

“She’s hiding behind Dylan’s bed. She came about 10 Minutes ago.” Brother Daniel tells Brother Michael.

“I’m proud of you two. Seems like that punishment really taught you a lesson. I’ll be out of your room soon.” Brother Michael says to the two boys.

Brother Michael moved the two aside as the two boys stood silently. The cut on Brother Michael’s neck had completely healed up only leaving his shirt collar torn.

Brother Michael slowly stepped towards Susan’s location.

His steps were loud and slow. 

Susan brought the knife up ready to stab Brother Michael’s legs. She waited for the first indication of his position. 

Then the sound stopped.

“Wait… why did he stop? I don’t see his shadow anymore…” Susan thought to herself.

Susan looked out trying to see if she could tell where Brother Michael was. She looked at the two boys who were looking at the top of their beds. 

Brother Michael grabbed Susan by the hair and began to pull directly upward on her lifting her body with it.

Susan tried to stab Brother Michael but he hit the knife away and it fell onto the ground.

He then pulled her towards the door by her hair, taking out full areas in the process.

“This pain you are feeling is the first of many to purify your body of the disease the outside world has given you. All pain given to you by the creator or Mother is mercy.” Brother Michael says to Susan as he drags her.

Brother Michael grabbed tighter on Susan’s hair reaching down closer to the root.

“Now come with me. Obviously you are not suited for freedom. You have tempted the Young Brother and he failed. Then you tempted the Young Boys…” Brother Michael says to Susan.

Brother Michael dragged Susan across the floor. He pulled her out of the door and into the hallway.

“We have a special place for you in this home. It’s a place for animals and demons.” Brother Michael continues as he drags her through the hallways.

“She must have done something really bad to go there. Sister Jesse went there and we haven’t seen her since…” Brother Dylan says to Brother Daniel.

“If Brother Michael is putting her there then she deserves it. I am glad she has been caught.” Brother Daniel responded.

Brother Michael threw Susan into a concrete room. She slid across the dusty ground.

There were chains in this room and it was separated in half by bars.

Brother Michael attached the chains to Susan’s legs. Susan was unconscious during this entire ordeal.

Susan eventually woke up. She noticed she was chained up tightly and that moving her legs around was uncomfortable. 

“Wow, he must have knocked you out with something rough. You slept for a good 10 Minutes.” A girl who was chained up in the other room said to Susan.

Susan looked over at where the voice was coming from.

May (19, Energetic) was the other person in the room with Susan.

“Well, I’m glad I’m not alone anymore. It was beginning to drive me insane.” May says to Susan.

May looks to get a good look at Susan. May smiled at Susan. May’s spirits have yet to be broken. 

“By the way, my name is Mei, but my friends call me May. It’s the same sound, but they can’t spell it well.” May says to Susan.

“My name is Susan, nothing special to add to that I suppose. How long do you think we will be here?” Susan responds.

“That’s a million dollar question if I have ever heard of one. But for real I have no clue.” May responds to Susan feeling a bit hopeless by the question.

May was wearing a green school’s uniform. She pulled on her chains.

“Seems we are chained by our legs so that we don’t just break our hands to get out. We kind of need our legs a bit more to run out of this mad house.” May tells Susan.

“I was afraid that I was going to die alone down here. I’m glad you’re here Susan, not that I wanted you to get kidnapped.” May says with a smile on face.

May then lays on her side to conversate casually with Susan.

“Hey Susan. Do you believe in ghosts? Or does anything seem weird here?” May asked Susan.

Susan laid on her back completely resting as she hadn’t thought of a method to escape yet. 

“No, I usually don’t entertain that kind of thinking. I haven’t seen enough stuff to support it.” Susan responds to May.

“I mean, I just don’t know. I’ve seen some things happen in this house…Like doors opening on their own. Or this Grown Man crying “Sound down here.” May tells Susan.

“That’s pretty weird, but maybe it’s one of the guys just screaming outside.” Susan responds, continuing with the conversation.

Susan then remembered the door to the room she was in initially.

“Though… when I woke up. That door was open. Maybe it could have been a-” Susan was saying before May interrupted.

“Yea Susan. Before I got put down here I did hurt one of the guys pretty good.” May begins to tell Susan a story.

In the story.

May wrapped her legs around Brother James’ head and was ripping his hair out of his scalp. May was panicking. It was in the same room that Susan was initially thrown in. 

“Yea, I was giving the guy a run for his money. He could not handle my crazy fighting style. He was on the ropes.” May describes the situation to Susan.

In the story Brother Michael slapped May across the face, throwing her off of Brother James. May was thrown against the wall.

“But then the guy who brought you in here just came and threw me off of the brother. I had no clue he was anywhere close… It seemed like I pulled out all the hair on the shorter Brother. So of course he tagged out of the fair fight we were having.” May tells Susan.

The memory shows May laying on the ground rubbing her face as Brother Michael comforts Brother James.

Brother Michael comes up close to May.

“Before I knew it he was all up in my face. Like back up Dude! There’s a thing called personal space.” May continues to tell the story to Susan.

May finishes up thinking about what happened.

“He told me to apologize and to walk quietly between them to their Mother’s room… So I did what any normal person would do in that situation.” May gains a smile on her face.

“I kicked him in the face. So hard in fact I think he could see his own vertebrae.” May describes the situation once more.

In May’s memory. May kicked Brother Michael in the face, throwing him off of her. Brother Michael quickly regained his composure and May was terrified. 

“I guess I could have guessed how he would have reacted, but I was fighting for my own survival. He deserved a kick in the face. And his Brother deserved his hair to be pulled out.” May tells Susan.

May then recalls the memory again.

Brother Michael stepped slowly up to May as his shadow covered her in darkness. There was a fire behind him.

“But no matter how in the right I was, there is no reasoning with these guys. So he picked me up by my neck and threw me down here…” May says with a frown on her face now.

“So yea, that’s my story. So how did you get put down here with Little Ol’ me, Susan.” May says to Susan, finishing up her story at last.

Susan was actively trying to pull the chains out of the wall.

“I’m tired of this Place!!” Susan yelled, pulling on her chains even harder.

“Oh… you weren’t listening to my story…” May says quietly to herself.

“I’m tired of hiding! I’m tired of Fighting!…” Susan yells.

Susan pressed her feet against the walls and began to pull harder on the chains. The wall began to crack. 

“Come on! I feel it moving! Release me from this cage!” Susan pushes herself to continue pulling on the metal chains.

Eventually there was no more progress being made and Susan fell back onto the ground exhausted. 

Susan turned to her side and screamed into her hands muffling the sound.

May then crawled over to see the progress that Susan made.

“Whoa, I thought you were actually going to do it. It was so close, Susan… Wish I was strong like you.” May says to Susan with surprise.

Susan sat back up and rubbed her head. 

“Yeah, but I still failed. Close only counts in horse-shoes.” Susan says to May.

“Glad you’re awake though. You hit your head pretty hard. It sounded like a hammer hitting the concrete.” May says to Susan.

Susan’s eyes opened up wide.

“Hammer!… That’s all I need is a hammer!” Susan thought to herself.

Susan pulls on her chains and looks down with happiness.

“There’s plenty of slack on this chain… so I could use this like a make-shift hammer.” Susan continued thinking.

She held the chain in her open palm.

“This is my key to escape… and after I’m free this will also be my weapon. Freedom here I come… May! You are an accidental Genius!” Susan says to May.

“Ah? Thanks I guess… But why do you say that? Nothing new happened down here.” May responds not sure why Susan was happy.

“You see the amount of slack on these chains. We could use that to our advantage.” Susan tells May.

Susan grabbed the slack of the chains. 

“Just grab a good amount of it into your hands… and slam it against the part of the wall that the chains are locked to.” Susan says as she demonstrates what she was talking about.

“As it chips away… The easier it will be to pull out of the wall… Then we are free.” Susan says directly to May.

“Have I told you yet Susan, that I am glad you are down here with me. Let’s do it!” May also gets a smile.

Some time has passed in the Lion’s Den.

Susan had successfully freed herself from one of her chains. It took a lot of work but the success brought Susan hope.

“That’s one down, one more to go… How are you doing over there, May? Will we be working on opening the doors soon?” Susan says feeling a bit tired.

May who made almost no progress that entire time. May begins to whine.

“Bleh! Susan! How are you so strong! I made no progress and you’re already done! You’re going to leave me!” May whines.

May moves over to the bars and looks over to see how Susan breaks the wall. 

“I’ll watch you do your next one to see if I am doing something wrong.” May says to Susan looking at her work.

“Yea sure. Well first you get a firm grip of the chain. Then take a very strong position close to the wall…” Susan demonstrates again to May.

“Then strike the part of the wall close to where the chain is attached to… and bit by bit the wall will chip away slowly exposing the bolt. Then you are free. Did that teach you a bit more on how to do it?” Susan finishes up the demonstration and looks at May.

“I am going to die alone down here. That, or the big guy is just going to make me suffer somewhere.” May says after losing hope, gaining the face of defeat.

“I’m not going to leave you May. We are going to get out of here together. Then do whatever.” Susan says to reassure May.

“Yea, that would be amazing. But first I’ll need to be able to escape these chains…” May says whining.

May then closed her eyes and there was a slight pause.

“Hey Susan. It got really cold over here all of a sudden.” May says to Susan as she sees her breath.

May’s face was terrified.

“Ahh! What on Earth is that!…” May yells.

The Apparition had both of his arms missing but his hands in their correct position. The apparition looked over at May and opened the door for her.

The Apparition walked out as soon as he appeared, leaving the door open behind him. 

“What did I just see… That was definitely a ghost… I need to get out of here. I can handle Humans… not ghosts.” May said, as she was mortified.

May yells over at Susan.

“Susan!! We need to get out of here like now! There was a ghost in here!!” May yells.

“Don’t worry, I’m almost done with this one too. You don’t need to make up a ghost to get me to move faster… See I am finished. I’ll get over to you soon. Just wait a bit.” Susan says, as she continues to break the wall.

“Not too long please. I don’t want it coming back and staring at me… It was like a smoky, cloudy skeleton wearing torn clothes… It also had a gaping mouth, and I bet it smelled terrible too.” May huddled against the wall.

Susan reached through the bars to comfort May. Susan grabbed May’s shoulder.

“Calm down May. Let’s just get you free for now. You might be going crazy.” Susan said reassuring May.

“Look at the door. The thing left it open. I know what I saw. It simply walked out. “ May pointed at the door.

Susan looks over at the open door on May’s side of the cell.

“Well I’d be… How did she manage to do that?” Susan thought to herself.

Susan looked back down at May. 

“Do you think you can do that to my door too?” Susan asked May.

“Of course not. The guy just showed up out of nowhere… Even if I could, I definitely wouldn’t want to. That’s just nightmare fuel.” May cried out.

“Well, I’ll try and figure out a way to get over to you. In the meantime keep working on those chains.” Susan responded.

“Oh yea. I am still trapped here. I get distracted way too easily.” May looked at her own chains.

May begins to smack the wall with her chains. She can hear the bars cracking. 

Susan was twisting her pants that she wrapped around the bars. As she twisted the bars began to bend together. 

Susan already was finished by the time May realized what was happening.

“How are you able to bend those bars? What did you do?” May asked Susan.

Susan began to crawl over to May’s side of the cell.

“Oh it’s just something I picked up from an old movie from when I was young.” Susan responded.

The bars were wet and yellow liquid was dripping off the half walls.

“Basically, all you do is grab a piece of strong clothing, wet it, grab a pole and twist it around two bars… Of course I had to urinate on my pants to get them wet.” Susan explained to May.

“Wait!? You peed on your clothing! That’s disgusting. Don’t touch me!… How are you so versatile??” May freaked out.

“Haha, I thought you would be happy to finally get to hug me.” Susan said, reaching out her arms to May.

“Ahh, it’s all over my arm now…” May said after Susan got some of it on her.

Susan helped May break out of her chains and they both exited the door on May’s side.

Susan checked the hallways to make sure no one was patrolling.

“The exit is clear. Doesn’t look like anyone is guarding the door.” Susan said, continuing her check.

“So you’re saying that pretty soon we will be out of this torture house?” May asked Susan.

“Yea, this should be the end of it all. Then we can return home… Which seems like heaven right about now…” Susan said, thinking about returning.

“We should definitely do something after all of this Susan… My treat since it is because of you that we made it out of that prison alive.” May said to Susan, with an excited look on her face.

“Wait, May. Let’s not celebrate yet. I am getting a terrible feeling.” Susan was overwhelmed with a feeling of dread. They were able to see the exit to the place but it seemed to have a dark cloud emanating from it.

“I should be happy but all I can feel right now is dread. Do you think we should exit or find another door?” Susan asked May.

“I don’t think we should worry too much. After all it is the both of us. Whoever comes across us would not last long.” May said, with optimism.

“I hope you are right, May. And if we do get out of this I have to take a shower first before eating. I stink.” Susan responded.

“Understatement of the Century haha.” May laughed.

Susan and May traveled out the door, and into the outside world… However the outside world greeted them not with the sweet touch of a gentle breeze… 

The outside was dark and foggy. May held onto Susan back as they both walked cautiously.

“This doesn’t feel natural. Stay close May and watch our backs. This feels like our final chapter…” Susan said to May, looking in all directions to watch their backs.

“What does that even mean? I’m getting that terrible feeling too Susan… you know that feeling I had with the ghost.” May began to grow frightened.

“Shh for a second. There’s like holes all over the ground.” Susan said, looking down at the ground.

Susan bent down to get a closer look at the piles of dirt.

“What is that? Something is sticking out of these lumps…” Susan said quietly.

She gets a closer look and notices that it is an entire human face in the ground with just it’s nose sticking out.

“Oh no… That’s a person… how did they get trapped?? Are they still alive?” Susan thinks as she quickly steps back.

“Be quiet about this, but I think we are surrounded by buried humans all across this yard.” Susan tells May.

May becomes even more worried. “Wait! So we are stepping on dead bodies! This place is just the worst!” She freaks out.

“I said be quiet about it, we have no clue what is out here with us. It would be a nightmare if they heard us.” Susan says quickly to get May to gain her composure.

“Sorry…” May apologizes feeling embarrassed.

And with that as if it was on que, someone did hear the young ladies…

And not just any old someone… It just so happens to be the worst possible being…

A figure began to form in front of the two girls. It had wings and glowing bright red eyes. 

“May, stay in front of me, we are about to run back into the house. Things are about to get serious really fast.” Susan commands May, as she feels a dangerous feeling from this person.

The figure then completely formed revealing an old woman with wings dressed extremely conservatively. This was the Fair Mother.

“Oh Sugar Honey Iced Tea, Go Now!!” Susan panics and yells telling May to run.

The two girls ran as the Fair Mother watched them.

The Fair Mother lifted her hand and the ground began to move. 

May’s foot then gets grabbed and she starts being pulled into the ground by skeleton apparitions.

“Susan!” May yells out for help.

Susan then stops and immediately goes to return to pull May out.

“HELP ME PLEASE!! I DON’T WANT TO DIE HERE!!” May yells out with a blood corralling scream.

May was pulled completely underground with her hand still reaching out towards Susan. Her voice was muffled by dirt. 

Susan grabbed May’s arm and began pulling her back out.

“I got you May! Stay with me!” Susan said, struggling to pull May out.

The Skeleton Apparitions then began to grab Susan.

“Oh no… They are starting to grab me too… But I can’t let you down…Everything will be okay May! Just keep holding on… I’m not going to leave you.” Susan yells still struggling to rescue May who had already been completely absorbed by the ground.

The Fair Mother walked closer to May and Susan. May was completely underground but her hand and Susan was now partially under. 

“I’m being pulled in… there’s that old woman standing in front of me.” Susan cries out.

Susan then started pleading with the old woman. As now her arms are now partially in the ground and May is no longer visible.

“Why are you doing this to us?… We did nothing wrong!” Susan pleads.

“You are the daughter of man, born with original sin… Hundreds upon Hundreds of you are brought to me. All say that they have done nothing wrong…” The Fair Mother says to Susan.

Susan was then completely absorbed by the ground, and Fair Mother stood over their mounds.

“Sinners, every last one of you… and the punishment for Sin is death.” The Fair Mother said once again beginning to disappear.

Susan and May’s dirt piles are close to each other as the fog eventually darkens the area.

And thus is the story of Susan Mills…

Susan and May, will return in ‘Angel Misery’.

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