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Angel Misery: Chapter Eleven

“Halloween Fright” 

Aiden, Maria and Silvia are in the Mansion of the ‘Fair Mother’ with the two found women Susan and May.

Susan continues her run towards Maria. And May is heading towards the cells under the command of a spirit.

“Where are you?” Susan yells out for Maria. Susan continues to run down the hall.

She sees someone else also approach from down the halls. It’s Brother Michael as stoic as ever.

Susan clenches her fist. “Why don’t you just die already!?” Susan thinks to herself.

“Escaping from your prison is a crime against Mother. Your new punishment awaits you.” Brother Michael says to Susan.

“I’m not in a small room now. I’m ready for you.” Susan says building up her adrenaline to fight the beast of a man.

She runs at Brother Michael and goes to kick his leg. Nothing happened. He then grabs Susan and tosses her to the ground.

He then steps on her leg.

“I wear the armour of divinity. No evil shall penetrate my defenses.” Brother Michael says as he lifts up Susan by her hair.

“Get off me!” Susan yelled out as she tried to kick him.

Maria heard someone yell.

“What was that? That didn’t sound like Silvia, and it definitely wasn’t Aiden.” Maria thought to herself.

“Can you imagine if it was.” Maria said quietly to herself as she laughed. “Guess thinking about Aiden calmed me down.” Maria thought and continued in the direction of the yelling.

Maria ran through the halls.

Back at the headquarters. Joshua and Isaac rode their bikes up the driveway.

“This is the place right?” Isaac asked.

“There’s nothing else around, so I guess?” Joshua responded.

They both took off their backpacks and pulled out rolls of tissue.

“So how exactly do you do this?” Isaac asked with the roll in his hand.

“I think you just throw it up, like this.” Joshua said, tossing the roll into the air.

The tissue roll went up and back down without ever covering enough distance to reach the house.

Both of the boys looked at it as it landed.

“It didn’t make it.” Isaac pointed out.

“Obviously!” Joshua responded loudly. “Let’s try that again.” Joshua said, preparing to throw it once more.

The tissue roll hit the front of the house but didn’t get over, so it again just fell on the ground.

“We probably should have got one of the baseball players to help us with this.” Isaac said, looking at the roll that was in his hands.

“You try to get it up there!” Joshua commanded Isaac.

Isaac stepped back preparing himself to throw the tissue like a quarterback in American Football.

Isaac let it fly and the tissue roll was off.

It then landed at about the same place Joshua’s did.

“We suck at this.” Isaac noted.

One of the golems then opened the door.

“Ah! It’s a monster!” Joshua said as he and Isaac ran back down the driveway to their bikes.

“Hurry up! Let’s get back to the party!” Isaac yelled, falling over.

They looked back and a few more golems were at the door.

“They are coming after us!” Joshua yelled out getting on his bike. He sped off leaving Isaac behind.

“Wait up!” Isaac said getting up from the ground and jumping on his bike following Joshua.

The Golems then picked up the rolls of tissue and started eating it.

Back in the ‘Fair Mother’ Mansion.

Susan continued to try and kick Brother Michael.

“The strength of the most high is greater than the strength of man. Your futile struggle only harms yourself.” Brother Michael said as he began to drag Susan.

“Hey! Let go of her!” Maria yelled out, finally reaching the location of Brother Michael.

“A woman child. How did you get here?” Brother Michael asked Maria.

Without Aiden by her side Maria felt fear. She was warned about men who hurt women.

Maria steeled herself and yelled once more.

“Stop being mean and let her go!” Maria yelled at Brother Michael.

“Leave! Now!” Susan yelled at Maria. “He is a very dangerous man!” Susan continued.

Maria stood there with an angry look on her face.

Brother Michael then turned around.

“I will deal with your sins later.” Brother Michael said as he continued to drag Susan.

Maria ran quickly back to the room that had the tray of tools and grabbed it.

“No help is coming for you, the time for salvation is over.” Brother Michael said to Susan as he continued to drag her.

Susan yelled out loudly.

“The judgement of the most high is-” Brother Michael began to say until he felt a scalpel get thrown into the back of his head.

He felt the warm liquid roll down his neck.

Brother Michael turned around to see Maria holding the tools he had in his Special room.

Brother Michael pulled the tool from the back of his head.

“The sins of attacking a disciple of Mother shall not be overlooked. Your punishment shall be great.” Brother Michael said to Maria.

Maria then threw a mallet at Brother Michael. Brother Michael caught it.

Maria then threw more equipment at him.

“I wear the Breastplate of Righteousness. I am shielded by Faith. And I shall strike you down with the sword of the spirit.” Brother Michael said to Maria.

Susan was trying to use that chance to escape but Brother Michael still had a strong grip on her hair.

“I don’t care what you are wearing! What you are doing is wrong!” Maria yelled out.

Brother Michael pulled a large knife from his back pocket. And began to walk towards Maria.

She threw the rest of the objects in her hands but it did nothing.

Maria’s face was filled with fear and adrenaline. 

Brother Michael lifted the knife and went to cut Maria.

“Okay, that’s quite enough of that.” Aiden thought to himself as he knocked Michael back several meters into the back wall. Aiden did it while invisible, as to not have Maria become fearless.

Susan got up having been released due to Brother Michael’s fall.

Susan grabbed Maria’s hand and they ran off.

Brother Michael sat still against the wall knocked out.

The ‘Fair Mother’ appeared in front of Brother Michael.

“Wake up my son.” She said to him, and Brother Michael returned to his feet. “Get those girls!” The ‘Fair Mother’ said to Brother Michael.

Silvia was in the cells downstairs when she heard a knock on the door.

Silvia did not answer, worried that it was the man she saw before.

“Hello, is anyone there? Are you trapped?” May asked.

“Help…” Silvia said to May on the other side of the door.

“Okay, I can hear you. Just wait a second.” May said, trying to turn the door knob. It didn’t work.

“Sugar honey iced tea.” May thought to herself. “If you are against the door can you move away from it?” May asked Silvia.

Silvia scooted away from the door.

May started kicking it.

The pounding of the door could be heard wide through the area.

“Do you hear that?” Maria asked Susan.

“Yes, I hear it. But we need to get out of here first.” Susan said to Maria.

Maria then pulled away. “Someone could be in trouble. We need to go there.” Maria said to Susan.

“This place is dangerous, any chance you have to escape you need to take it.” Susan said to Maria.

“My friend Silvia is still in here, I’m not going to let her go.” Maria said to Susan.

“Your friend is here?” Susan asked.

“Well, she’s not really my friend. I’m just saying-” Maria started saying to Susan.

“Okay, let’s go to the sound of the banging.” Susan said as she ran with Maria in that direction.

May continued to kick the door.

Then Brother John walked up.

“I was wondering what that sound was, I figured it was you, but I didn’t expect that you would be on the outside causing it.” Brother John laughed watching May struggle.

“Dang, it’s you.” May said looking at Brother John.

Brother John then pulled out a needle.

“Looks like you want the key. I have it. Just come over here and grab it.” Brother John said with a sinister smile.

May looked at him with disgust.

“What’s happening out there?!” Silvia asked May.

“It’s one of those creeps. He’s holding a needle.” May said to Silvia. Brother John continued to stand at the end of the hallway.

“What colour is the liquid in the container?” Silvia asked.

“It’s like a dark yellow. When he stabbed me with it before it knocked me out.” May said to Silvia.

“That sounds like Curare. It’ll be better for you to leave me for now, you won’t be any help if that gets injected into you.” Silvia said to May.

“No, I am not going to leave you with him. Besides, it’s round two for me.” May said to Silvia.

May went to tackle Brother John. Brother John prepared for the impact.

May slammed him against the wall and continued to bang his head against it.

“Come on, why aren’t you going down!” Brother John said as he continued to press the plunger injecting much more than the amount needed into May.

Eventually he emptied it into her, but May continued going.

“You go to sleep this time!” May yelled out kicking his head. Brother John was knocked out from the impact.

May then grabbed the keys from his pocket and went over to open the door.

May opened it and Silvia ran out.

“Thank you!” Silvia said, but as she was saying that May collapsed.

“Hey, wake up.” Silvia said, trying to move May. Silvia opened up May’s eyes.

“Oh no, this is Curare poisoning.” Silvia thought to herself running over to the body of Brother John.

She searched through his pockets.

“Come on, I need a physostigmine or neostigmine.” Silvia thought to herself.

She found a vile that had physostigmine marked on it.

She then ran over to May. “I’ve only done this a few times, so please don’t judge me harshly.” Silvia said to May, injecting her.

May laid there for a few seconds. Silvia watched her closely.

May then began to blink again. 

“You’re waking up!” Silvia cheered watching May slowly getting up.

May’s eyes then looked over Silvia’s head.

Brother John was now standing up over her and had a large stone he picked up to hit Silvia.

Silvia turned around seeing that it was too late.

Maria and Susan came and tackled Brother John. Brother John rolled across the ground.

Susan grabbed him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Maria then went to Silvia.

“Are you okay?” Maria asked.

Silvia was surprised. “You tackled a grown man to save me?” Silvia asked Maria.

“Don’t think too much about it.” Maria responded.

May sat up. And Susan dragged Brother John and carried him into the cells. They then shut the door locking him in.

“That should do it. Is this everyone?” Susan said standing in front of Maria, Silvia and May.

Silvia looked around. “Where’s Angeal?” Silvia asked.

“Whose Angeal?” Susan asked Silvia.

“He is the guy we came with. He has long grey hair and is pretty tall.” Silvia described to Susan.

“Oh, the guy that was outside!” May said remembering Aiden outside.

“The one who destroyed those ghosts? Is your friend able to do that?” Susan asked Silvia.

“Angeal fought ghosts?” Silvia asked with surprise.

“Yes! That’s him alright.” Maria responded. “We don’t need to worry anymore.” Maria had a smile on her face.

“Why are you excited all of a sudden?” Susan asked Maria.

“Because if Angeal destroyed those ghosts, then this place has nothing else but weird men.” Maria responded.

“I agree with Maria, Angeal said that he can do anything when he introduced himself in class. Maria has been around him the most, so if she says this place is nothing then I believe it.” Silvia nodded her head to Maria.

“Well now I feel rude for running away from him.” Susan said.

“We didn’t know. Let’s just focus on getting out of here. I still have to treat you to a meal.” May said to Susan.

May nearly fell and Susan helped her stand up.

“Okay I will carry you.” Susan said holding May.

The group then began to make their way through the mansion.

“Well it looks like the scary experience is over now. Suppose it’s my time to free you all.” Aiden said to the Spirits of the house.

Aiden then released all of them and they vanished in bright orbs.

The mansion which had been frigid now began to warm back up.

Maria, Silvia, May, and Susan noticed that the house started to clear up. They were able to get a hold on the orientation of the house.

Susan reached out her hand. It’s warmer now.

The group looked around. “I think that’s the door we entered from.” Silvia said pointing at it.

They all made their way to it.

Brother Michael then stepped in front of the path.

“You harlot, jezebel, deceiver of men. I will not let you leave the sacred place of mother.” Brother Michael said with the knife fully prepared.

“What do we do?” May asked Susan.

“Are you strong enough to stand on your own?” Susan asked May.

“I think so now.” May said.

“Then I am going to rush him, the rest of you run out the door.” Susan said to the group.

“You can’t do that, then you’ll be trapped here.” May responded.

“I am the oldest out of all of us. If I don’t make it, at least live to the fullest.” Susan said.

“You shouldn’t, we can think of another way.” Silvia said to Susan.

“I am not going to risk you all getting trapped here again, when the exit is just up ahead.” Susan said as she started to count down.

Susan then began to rush Brother Michael. Brother Michael held the knife forward.

Then the house shocked, knocking everyone down.

Aiden then showed up from the side of the hallway. “Did you two find this place scary?” Aiden asked Silvia and Maria.

“Eh could have been scarier.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Wait? So all of this was part of some amusement?” Susan asked.

“No, what you two experienced was genuine. I had nothing to do with that.” Aiden responded to Susan.

Brother Michael stood back up. “The word of the most high shall not be ignored. All shall be punished. All have -” Brother Michael started saying.

“Shut up! You lost, it’s done!” Maria interrupted Brother Michael.

Brother Michael stood still shocked that he was interrupted.

“The Fear of the Lord isn’t being brought down upon you?” Brother Michael asked.

“My best friend Angeal is going to put you in your place, aren’t you?” Maria said to Aiden with a smile.

“I was just going to have us leave, but if that’s what best friends are supposed to do.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“I have the armour of the most high, you are nothing compared-” Brother Michael said before Aiden pushed him through the walls.

“Haha, perfect!” Maria yelled out.

“That was amazing as usual Angeal!” Silvia said to Aiden.

May and Susan stood amazed at what was happening.

“Well you all can head outside now, there is nothing standing in your way.” Aiden said to all of them.

“Okay, you saved the amusement factor of this place by knocking him out. I give this place an 8 out of 10.” Maria said leaving the door.

“That all felt so real. Your planning abilities are indeed superb.” Silvia said following Maria.

“Oh wow, you are kinda cute up close.” May said walking past Aiden.

Susan then walked up to him and gave him a serious look.

Susan then stopped in front of Aiden. “I’m sorry about running away from you earlier. Thank you for coming here and rescuing us.” Susan said to Aiden.

Aiden nodded.

A dark fog then appeared in the house.

Susan and Aiden both saw the ‘Fair Mother’ form.

“You shall not leave this place!” The ‘Fair Mother’ yelled.

“It’s her again!” Susan called out frightened.

“That’s quite enough for you.” Aiden said, lifting his hand and erasing the ‘Fair Mother’ from existence.

The dark smoke and the ‘Fair Mother’ vaporized into a bright scattering of light.

Susan looked at Aiden.

Aiden gestured to Susan to keep it a secret.

Susan nodded her head and left outside.

The entire group stood at the cars.

“Did you enjoy yourself, Silvia?” Charles asked.

“It was scary, I will say that.” Silvia responded to Charles. “I definitely won’t be forgetting this Halloween.”

“So how about this? Me and Angeal ride in this car and the 3 of you can be in Silvia’s car.” Maria said with a smile on her face.

“No! I want to ride with Angeal!” Silvia said to Maria.

“But it’s all done, we can go directly home now.” Maria said to Silvia.

The signal returned to Charles’ phone.

Silvia looked at the time. “It’s not even that late, I can still be out.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Why are you being a pain?” Maria said to Silvia.

“I would like to ride with, what’s his name? Angeal?” May said to the group.

“You are too old!” Maria said to May.

“Too old?! I’m only 19!” May said to Maria.

“Way too old! Angeal is only 12.” Maria said to May.

“Wow, that’s a big 12 year old.” May responded. “Aw well, guess I can ride in the other car.” May said heading to it.

“I will join her too.” Susan said.

“I’m riding with Angeal, so you might as well stop complaining, Maria.” Silvia said as she went inside the vehicle.

“So stubborn.” Maria said, going to the car.

Aiden stood outside looking at the mansion.

“Something wrong?” Maria asked Aiden, seeing him staring.

“There are several people still in that building, including some children. I’ll move this entire place closer to civilization, then human governments can handle it from there.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You do what you need to do with that place. But for now we can finish our movie back at headquarters!” Maria said with a smile on her face.

Aiden went to the car and sat in the middle seat again.

Silvia and Maria sat close to Aiden.

May and Susan fell asleep in the back of the car Charles was driving.

Aiden created the fog again and brought them back to the road leading to the Headquarters.

Joshua and Isaac had returned to the party in defeat.

“What’s wrong with you two? Aren’t you supposed to keep this party fun, Joshua?” Rebecca asked Joshua.

“I’ve never been so scared.” Joshua said, still sitting down.

“Hey Joshua, do you have any more napkins?” Katerine asked Joshua.

Joshua then regained focus. “Any more napkins? What happened to them all?” Joshua asked, standing up.

Richard was walking around the house covered in toilet paper and napkins trying to look like a mummy.

“What are you doing dude! Those were for the food!” Joshua yelled at Richard.

“This party was becoming insanely boring, all you’ve been playing was classical music. I was just trying to liven it up.” Richard said to Joshua.

“Well if you find it so boring you could just leave.” Joshua said to Richard.

“Sure, you’re out of napkins anyways.” Richard said, walking to the door.

A group of some of the other honour students started following him.

“Hey! Where are you guys going?” Joshua asked the students who were leaving.

“Only reason I am still here is because Richard was entertaining. If he’s going then there isn’t much.” Layla said to Joshua.

“Come on, I can play someone more hip, like Bach!” Joshua tried to say to the party goers.

“Bleh. We’ve been listening to classical music for the past 2 hours. Eventually it just gets dull.” Layla says to Joshua.

“Classical music isn’t dull, you just haven’t refined your ears enough.” Rebecca said to Layla.

“This is a Halloween Party, not an Orchestra. You prep kids are a bit out of touch.” Layla said to Rebecca.

Then students then all left.

Rebecca, Joshua and Isaac were all standing in the room with music playing in the background.

“Well now what?” Isaac asked Joshua.

“I’m ruined. I threw a lame party.” Joshua said to himself. “I can’t show my face at school.” Joshua lamented.

“I guess Silvia made the right choice.” Isaac said aloud.

“Oh yeah, Rebecca, where is Silvia?” Joshua asked Rebecca.

“She said she was going to a haunted house.” Rebecca said to Joshua.

Joshua then thought to himself for a second.

“Angeal’s house is haunted! Remember when we went there Isaac, there was a monster at the door!” Joshua said to Isaac.

“You think Silvia went to Angeal’s house for a Halloween experience?” Isaac asked.

“That’s the only place I know that’s actually haunted.” Joshua said to the two.

“You think Silvia is in Angeal’s House?” Rebecca said, disbelieving the two boys.

“If she is then she is in danger.” Isaac responded to Joshua.

“We need to go and save her, no wonder she wasn’t at my party.” Joshua said to the two.

“I doubt that’s the reason she didn’t come to this party.” Rebecca responded.

“The party is dead anyways, so we might as well go.” Isaac said to Joshua.

“It’s not that dead.” Joshua said to Isaac.

They all looked around and it was just them 3 in the room.

“Keep telling yourself that.” Rebecca said to Joshua.

“Whatever, the main thing is that Silvia is trapped in Angeal’s house. He is probably doing terrible things to her!” Joshua said.

“You mean the monsters are doing terrible things to her.” Rebecca said.

“That too!” Joshua responded.

“Hold up.” Rebecca said to the panicking boys.

They both looked at her.

“One, I don’t believe Angeal’s house is haunted. Two, if Silvia was at Angeal’s house he would do a lot better at protecting her than you two could. Three, Silvia has been over his house more than half a dozen times. And last, if she was there then she would be angry at us for barging in on her alone time.” Rebecca said to the boys.

“But we were there, we saw the monsters.” Isaac said to Rebecca.

“What exactly did you guys see?” Rebecca asked.

“It was a silver creature, with red eyes.” Joshua described.

“And it had no mouth. It’s hands looked like knives.” Isaac continued.

“And it was really tall, like 3 meters tall! Even taller than Angeal!” Joshua finished up.

“And?” Rebecca asked.

“And, it chased us all the way out of the area!” Joshua said.

“You guys were chased?” Rebecca asked the two.

They both looked at each other. 

“It felt like we were.” Joshua said quietly.

“You two are so dumb.” Rebecca said in disbelief. “Why’d you leave me alone with them, Silvia?”

“We still have to go and save her!” Joshua said to Rebecca.

“Whatever, I’ll just go too. At least it’s something to do. And the worst that could happen is I get to see Angeal, standing in front of his door. Dress as a royal prince. Looking me in the eyes and singing a serenade…” Rebecca began saying, eventually drifting off into her own thoughts.

“Yeah, exactly.” Joshua responded.

The group then went outside to head towards Aiden’s Home.

Silvia, Maria, Aiden, May and Susan all returned to the Headquarters.

“Thank you again for rescuing us.” Susan said to Aiden, Silvia and Maria.

“Do you have anywhere to stay?” Maria asked.

“I’m sure we can find somewhere around here, until we can return home.” Susan responded.

“You can stay upstairs for tonight. You both went through a lot!” Maria said to Susan and May.

“Are your parents okay with that?” Susan asked.

Maria gestured to Aiden.

“Yes, they would be okay with that. There is plenty of space, and you would be safe here.” Aiden said to Susan and May.

Susan trusted in Aiden, feeling that he was a supernatural being.

“Okay, then thank you for allowing us to stay. I need to wash up. I smell rancid.” Susan said.

“My nose has already gotten used to it.” May laughed.

“I will show you where everything is then.” Aiden said to the two.

Maria and Silvia were now in the foyer.

“Oh well. Guess it was the right thing to do.” Maria said softly to herself.

Silvia stood silently.

“You were pretty brave back at that place, even if it was all set up or something.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Don’t get soft on me. I saw a chance to fight and took it.” Maria said to Silvia.

“Still though, it was pretty brave.” Silvia said again to Maria.

“Come on, you were brave there too. I saw you helping that May girl before we ran in and tackled that guy.” Maria said to Silvia. 

Silvia laughed to herself. 

“A compliment, I would have never expected that from you.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Don’t get used to it!” Maria responded to Silvia.

“So, is this a sleep over you were doing?” Silvia asked.

“I mean, it was just supposed to be me and Angeal. But now we have two extra.” Maria said, looking up the stairs.

“Can I join?” Silvia asked.

Maria then looked back at Silvia. Then inhaled. Finally releasing the air.

“Yeah, sure. We already have guests, so one more wouldn’t hurt. Plus you’ve been here a lot.” Maria said to Silvia.

“Can I sleep over here, Charles?” Silvia asked Charles.

“You have my permission.” Charles said to Silvia.

“Now I can show you how a real sleep over is supposed to be.” Maria said to Silvia as they both entered the living room.

Aiden showed May and Susan the rooms that they could sleep in. Extra clothing and the bath. And how to ask the golems for things they needed. It was practically an Inn.

Aiden, Silvia and Maria sat in the living room watching horror movies.

May sat in the bath. “Finally I can relax. It’s been days.” May said to herself.

Susan came downstairs to where the group were sitting. She walked over to the side of the couch.

“Mind if I watch too?” Susan asked.

“Go right ahead.” Maria said.

Susan then sat down in Pajamas watching the horror movie with the group.

They all had their attention grabbed by the movie.

Then they heard loud banging at the door.

Susan, Maria and Silvia were all startled. May was startled awake from her nap in the tub.

“What on Earth was that!?” Maria said, looking back from the couch.

One of the golems went to answer the door.

Joshua and Isaac threw rocks at it and were yelling.

“Release Silvia right now!” They were yelling.

Silvia then went to the door with Maria and Aiden.

“What are you idiots doing!” Silvia yelled at the two.

“Rescuing you?” Joshua said to Silvia.

“Rescuing me from what?” Silvia asked them.

“From that monster…” Joshua pointed at the golem which he slowly realized was just a robot. “Oh, my mistake.” Joshua said.

“Wow, I thought you guys were supposed to be smart.” Maria laughed at them.

“I knew they were mistaken!” Rebecca said aloud.

“You’re here too? What happened to the party?” Silvia asked.

“Everyone had so much fun, they are still partying til sunrise.” Joshua said.

“It died.” Rebecca said to Silvia.

“Your party died!? On Halloween? How is that even possible?” Maria laughed at them again.

“Well since you know I am safe you all can leave now.” Silvia said to the group.

May then walked down the stairs with her hair wet wearing pajamas.

“Is everything okay down here?” May asked.

Joshua and Isaac noticed her upstairs. Their eyes locked on to her.

May shrieked back seeing these two boys’ gaze.

“Stop being creepy.” Silvia said to the boys.

“Is Angeal throwing a party?” Isaac asked.

“It’s a sleepover.” Maria said. Joshua and Isaac became excited. “But not for you guys.” Maria added.

“Aw, but Angeal is a boy, why can he stay?” Joshua asked.

“It’s his place obviously.” Maria responded.

“Can I sleepover too?” Rebecca asked.

Silvia then looked over at Maria.

“Ah, whatever. Guess the entire town is going to come over. Sure, Rebecca, you can sleep over.” Maria said.

Rebecca then went to enter the house.

“See you two on Monday!” Silvia said before she shut the door on them.

“Aw darn. We came with one girl, hoping to leave with two but ended up with none. And now Angeal has at least 4 girls at his place.” Joshua said.

“We need to learn how he does it.” Isaac said.

The two boys walked down the driveway in defeat.

Maria, May, Susan, Silvia, Rebecca and Aiden now all sat in the large living room with the movie loudly playing.

May told the girls what highschool was going to be like, and Susan told them about University.

“Maria having more friends isn’t a bad thing.” Aiden thought to himself.

Maria then looked over at Aiden who was just looking in her direction.

Maria then smirked at Aiden.

“Don’t think this is a way out of being my Best Friend.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I wouldn’t dream about it.” Aiden responded.

Halloween night continued on. And eventually everyone fell asleep in the living room. With Aiden going out to fix the mess at the mansion of the ‘Fair Mother’.

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