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Category: Humanity

Angel Misery: Chapter Ten

“Spooky Scary… Skeletons?” “Halloween is coming up, what should we do for it?” Maria asked Aiden. “Halloween, that’s the holiday that involves candy and attempting to scare each other, isn’t […]

Beruta, the Curious

Marching Orders Beruta, a citizen of the Suminatini Federation on the Main Continent, is undergoing Physical Training in the early morning of the day. “Step by Step is how we […]

Ethnicities by the Numbers

Humans ought not to have their ethnic identities be tied to the countries that exist today. Human history stretches thousands of years, much before any of the established nations even […]

An appeal to Create Continen

Continen: A Nation that is centered around the value and importance of self identity and unifying history among those who are of Ancestry from separate continents. A.) A Mixed Person […]