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Category: Light Hearted

Angel Misery: Chapter Ten

“Spooky Scary… Skeletons?” “Halloween is coming up, what should we do for it?” Maria asked Aiden. “Halloween, that’s the holiday that involves candy and attempting to scare each other, isn’t […]

Angel Misery: Chapter Nine

“A Science fair?” The school year was in full swing. Clubs have formed and the School’s sports Teams have had their first few games. “The annual Science Fair will be […]

Angel Misery: Chapter Eight

“Classes are in Session” Maria and Aiden received their class schedules for the new year. Maria grabbed Aiden’s schedule. “Hey! We aren’t in the same classes until the second half!” […]

Angel Misery: Episode Seven

We are going to the Olympics! Maria, her Parents, Allison and Aiden, who was of course not visible, all sat on the living room couch to watch the opening ceremony […]

Angel Misery: Chapter Six

It’s too hot, Aiden! Maria was lying in the artificial pond in the park. The sun beamed straight down at her. Aiden was standing above her, shading her body. “Why […]

Angel Misery: Chapter Four

4 Score and what?! The last month of the school year has come around and the Sequoia State Junior High has started their spirit week. “Today we get to wear […]

Angel Misery: Chapter Three

“Final Exams already?!” Maria was stressing out in her room pacing back and forth. She was mumbling to herself. “Ah, it’s Friday Maria, don’t you usually want to travel to […]

Angel Misery- Chapter Two

Sign up for School Aiden! Maria’s alarm clock rang but she was ignoring it. “What is the reason for this if she’s just going to ignore it?” Aiden thought to […]

Angel Misery: Chapter One

One Wish to change everything. Maria (12, Lonely, Friendly) sits on a bench at a Playground. She was waiting to see if the group of girls who were usually there […]